Mediation A Wise Alternative

"Mediation is one of the most effective tools of non-violence. It can turn parties away from conflict, towards compromise."

  • Family Matters

  • Divorce

  • Workplace

  • Couples Communication

  • Community Mediation

  • On-line Dispute

  • Parent Education

  • Conflict Resolution Training

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Certified Anger Management Specialist


Approach to Practice / Form of Mediation: Our goal at Southern Oregon Mediation Center is to remain neutral, impartial and non-judgmental while orchestrating a fair and reasonable outcome for all participants. SOMC has a 80% success rate helping people resolve their differences. We offer a safe comfortable environment. We contract with the Federal Government for workplace mediation We try to save family relationships and offer couples communication sessions, anger management, and problem solving sessions.

Practice Description: Since 1999, Southern Oregon Mediation Center has served the greater Rogue Valley, the state of Oregon and Northern California. We specialize in family matters, divorce, child custody, crisis intervention, workplace mediation, community/business facilitation, conflict resolution training, pre-nuptial agreements, dispute resolution training, neighbor/ neighbor, victim/offender, tenant/landlord, customer/merchant, elder/family, business partnerships, on-line dispute resolution. We offer Basic Mediation training, plus an Anger Management program. Confidentiality is respected and honored.

Confidentiality is Respected and Honored

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