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Since 1999, our goal at Southern Oregon Mediation Center is to remain neutral, impartial and non-judgmental while orchestrating a fair and reasonable outcome for all participants. SOMC has a
80% success rate
helping people resolve their differences. We offer a safe comfortable environment. We contract with the Federal Government for workplace mediation We try to save family relationships and offer couples communication sessions, anger management, and problem solving sessions.

Locations Served: Coos County | Curry County | Deschutes County | Douglas County | Jackson County | Jefferson County | Josephine County | Klamath County | Lake County | Lane County | Lincoln County | Linn County | Tillamook County

Services For

• Divorce
• Unmarried Custody Agreements
• Divorce/Unmarried Custody Agreements
• Custody/Parent Plans
• Community/Restorative Justice Facilitation
• On-Line Dispute Resolution
• Workplace Agreement Contracts
• Real Estate Agreement Contracts
• Cannabis Agreement Contracts
• Crisis Intervention
• Confidential Mediation Contracts
• Pre-Nuptial Agreement Contracts
• Couples problem Solving Classes
• Anger Management Programs
• Zoom Mediation
• Anger Management


• Teen/Adult
• Neighbor/Neighbor
• Tenant/Landlord
• Victim/Offender
• Merchant/Customer
• Husband/Wife
• Business/Property Partnerships
• Family and Workplace



STEP 1: Call or email to schedule a free intake telephone session so that we can access your situation.


STEP 2: I will explain the mediation process and what you can expect from a package agreement.


STEP 3: In the next session we will dive deeper into your story and desires for mediation. We will review caucusing & confidentiality


STEP 5: We will conduct negotiations and continue to keep goals on-track.


STEP 6: We'll work to create a settlement agreement.

How much does Mediation cost ?

$120/hour or $60/hr each if there are two involved parties. Ask about our sliding scale rates.

How can I trust the Mediator, a complete stranger? Since 1999, we have not had a single insurance claim or a single divorce rejected  in Josephine/Jackson County Oregon courts. 

How many 2 hour sessions does it take to get Divorced? Two to five sessions, depending on the complexities of the situation. 

What topics do you cover in Negotiations?  Debt division, distribution of assets, retirement and investment funds, child custody and parent plan scheduling.

Confidentiality is Respected and Honored


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